Data Whispering


Want errors in your data model corrected before your management and/or implementation team see them? Want to increase your analysis skills by assisting in data reviews? Just want to observe the full glory of business rule sausage making?

John got the title of “Data Whisperer” when he was working at FDA and he was the only one who could find errors in the existing data models. The MNL procedure enables a modeler to be a mirror in front of subject matter experts. The expert’s knowledge is directly reflected back to them. Disagreements between the experts are called out and resolved mathematically before the design is approved. Once the experts sign off on the design, they are accountable for the specified business rules. The development team is accountable for the presentation and the implementation of the business rules.

Would you like to be a “Data Whisperer”? Take a one week Mathematics of Natural Language training course and pass the final on the last day. When you go home and follow The Mathematics of Natural Language procedure you will find errors in existing data models that are currently under development, in implemented systems that are having problems, and/or in projects that were never completed. For information about The Mathematics of Natural Language courses submit the form on the Contact page.