Natural Language Modeling

Sharp Informatics Developed Natural Language Modeling

To provide clients with accurate database designs, Sharp Informatics uses their proprietary algorithm called Natural Language Modeling. 

By processing answers to simple questions from Subject Matter Experts, NLM enables IT Systems Analysts to automate and validate system requirements that yield insightful information for managers and corporate executives.


What is NLM?

Natural Language Modeling (NLM) is a proven procedure developed over 35 years of research that combines logic and natural language to achieve superior information systems. NLM can change business analysis from an esoteric art to an engineering discipline with the precision of logic and the understandability of plain English.


How does NLM work?

The most critical factor in the failure of business information systems designs is the lack of precise specifications arising from a language barrier between data users on one side and IT specialists on the other.

NLM provides an understanding of the logical rules necessary to transform a simple sentence into precise information requirements. Utilizing NLM in business system development seamlessly guides this process from concept to requirements document to implementation.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are asked simple questions about their respective areas. These conversations use plain English. SMEs answer yes and no questions about their particular subject matter area. Sharp Informatics uses NLM to process these answers and produce blueprints of the customer’s desired database.

Why is NLM important?

NLM results in system development cost savings by avoiding the need to rework database architecture both during development, and to an even greater extent, following implementation. The Sharp Informatics Natural Language Modeling process results in a superior database and reveals valuable information about how the customer’s business actually functions.


Who implements NLM?

Sharp Informatics can correct or upgrade database architectures or build databases from scratch.

SMEs don’t need to be database experts. Data analysts don’t need to learn specific subject areas. Sharp Informatics works with SMEs and data analysts to apply NLM and create an integrated information systems blueprint that eliminates costly database reworking.


Why is NLM scalable?

Reliable data is essential. Whether the intelligence is gleaned across high-level rules, or through a detailed view of vertical data points, NLM scales by specifying system requirements as simple business rules that only require a “yes” or “no” answer. That’s why the Boeing, Honeywell, the Department of Energy, and the National Institutes of Health have relied upon NLM to help manage their complex data.


Where can I learn more?


Click here to read more about Natural Language Modeling and how it works for clients of Sharp Informatics.


Sharp Informatics offers on-site training on Natural Language Modeling. The first half of the training covers NLM theory. The second half provides hands-on NLM application training. To maximize your return on investment, Sharp Informatics can custom-tailor the NLM training curriculum to address developers’ specific challenges and project scope. Click here to contact Sharp Informatics about NLM training for your organization.